Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings – Rare Corundums

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Yellow sapphires belong to a group of colorful gemstones known as corundums, which is a crystallized form of aluminum oxide. Like other colors of fancy sapphires, the yellow is rather rare, and until recently, most of these more unusual colors were not well known among most people.

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This makes the yellow sapphire not only a unique stone, but a very durable stone that can take everyday wear and retain its brilliance. As yellow sapphires increase in popularity, it is easier to find them in rings, pendants and earrings.

The yellow sapphire can be found in sapphire mines in Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. While top quality sapphires of all colors are rare, synthetic sapphires are made in the lab all the time. Yellow sapphires are no different. Yellow sapphire rings especially catch the eye as they sparkle with each movement of the hand.

 Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings

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A Yellow Sapphire represents wisdom, virtue, future, devotion, truthfulness, and children just to name a few things among many. The good news is that Yellow Sapphires are very affordable. This gemstone looks beautiful in emerald cuts, marquise cuts, oval cuts, pear cuts, or other traditional cuts.

Yellow Sapphires come in shades of pale lemon to very rich golden hues. A Yellow Sapphire looks absolutely stunning when placed in settings of white gold, platinum, or silver.

According to the Mohs scale, sapphires rate at a 9 for hardness, the only gemstone that rates higher is the diamond which rates a 10. A Yellow Sapphire engagement ring is sure to please your lady-love, and be a real conversation piece.

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The Mystifying Beauty of the Yellow Sapphire

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The yellow sapphire is considered one of the best gemstones in the world which is bestowed with unique qualities.

The Most Famous Yellow Sapphire

Second only to diamonds, the yellow sapphire is one of the most magnificent gemstones available on earth. The Srilanka Pukhraj is considered the most authentic and priceless gemstone.

People suffering from stomach ailments and various other health ailments find this stone extremely beneficial to their health.

The yellow sapphire is considered beneficial to people of all age groups. Now you can easily purchase pendants and rings embedded with yellow sapphire from the online stores.

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Buy Authentic Stones for Best Results

Since there are a number of yellow sapphire buyers today, the number of fake stones is also on the rise. The cut and clarity of the stone is important while you choose to buy a sapphire. You can also identify the stones according to the names tagged with the gemstones like Srilanka Sapphires, African Sapphires and so forth. Sapphires are available in different colors like blue, red, green, but the yellow stones are more popular and eminent for its virtues.

The use of this expensive gemstone varies from exquisite necklaces to simple pendants and rings.

Yellow Sapphires For Purity and Prosperity

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Yellow sapphires, a sub-branch multi-color gemstone belonging to the corundums, are actually crystallized shapes of aluminum oxide. The yellow color is quite peculiar and exceptional as fancy sapphires of other colors. Now yellow sapphires are available in rings, pendants and earrings since they are all the rage in the fashion industry.

High quality multi-color sapphires are exceptional, while yellow sapphires are profound in sapphire mines in Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Madagascar, synthetic sapphires are manufactured from the laboratory. Even in an artificially lit room, an exquisitely cut stone will emit brilliance.

A stone that has been heat treated to reinforce the color would cost less than a natural colored counterpart. As a conventional lore goes, yellow sapphire should be worn only on the first finger of the right hand.

How to Choose A Yellow Sapphire Ring

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Cars depreciate. Houses depreciate. Jewelry? Their prices just increase in a short span of time. Some would have the sparkling diamond necklace dangling on their neck, while some would rather have an emerald studded earring adorn their ears, while some would prefer a yellow sapphire ring to accentuate their fingers.

1. Check the gemstone itself. Read them first and take note of the things that you should remember before scouting in shops.

2. Give the metal a closer look. When we say yellow sapphire ring, we are not just talking about the sapphire there but we should include the metal as well. If the sapphire is genuine, it should be a given fact that the metal is genuine as well.

3. Assess the setting.

There are numerous of stores that offer gorgeous yellow sapphire ring online and offline.

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