Where to Buy Western style Engagement Rings

What Defines Western style

Western engagement rings are different from other styles in various ways. It is most often silver, a metal that is common in the southwestern United States. For the same reason, turquoise is a popular stone for jewelry in this style. This in no way is the only material used in Western engagement rings, however. Gold had a good result, and other stones are also popular, especially rubies and other gems of bold colors. This style tends to prefer the elements of nature and do not care about fancy or complicated configurations.

western engagement rings

Another element that defines the style of the Western engagement rings is the use of motifs and designs. Intricate and traditional scene is beloved by fans of this style carving. These motifs are usually displayed elements of nature and animals, and often focus on the life of a cowboy. It is common for a design to be surrounded by a border like the string, for example. A Christian religious symbol is also an important part of this culture, and is a common part of the reason for the image. Ring steeped in history and symbolism, and even today is an important showcase things that are important to you method.

Where to buy the engagement ring western style

If you are planning Western style engagement rings, it is reasonable to extend this theme for your wedding ring. There are many options on the market where to buy engagement ring, ranging from mild to country western style full-on. No matter what type of design you like, it helps to know where to shop.

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Cowboy Jewelers is a jewelry western style where to buy engagement ring with a full line of wedding rings handmade. You will find a wide range of materials and motifs, and plenty of rings are custom created to your specifications. All Western engagement rings are made in USA. Cowboy Ring Jewelers offers the entire important western motif, including horseshoes, stars, crosses, and more. You will see the design in silver and gold, some set with turquoise, cubic zirconium, and other gems. Prices range from $ 300 to $ 800 Cowboy Jewelers based in Oklahoma, but do not have a brick and mortar retail stores. They make all their sales online. No review of these jewelries available online, but do not have a Better Business Bureau rating of A +.

western style engagement rings

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Specialized in equestrian and western-themed jewelry, Kelly Herd has beautiful Western style engagement rings. Jewelry Tennessee-based which includes all country and western. Engagement rings Kelly Herd Jewelry made of silver and features gold and diamonds, cubic zirconia, precious and beautiful stones. You will find many beautiful rings to choose from, ranging in price from $ 800 to over $ 5,000. Where to buy engagement ring of Kelly Herd Jewelry is in Cleveland, Tennessee. They also sell a wide range of ring online. No comments from previous customers or notes in the Better Business Bureau, however Kelly Herd jewelers could be a well established company that has been making jewelry for over 20 years.

western styles

western style engagement rings

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