Vintage and Unique Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Vintage and Unique Alexandrite Engagement Ring


Natural Alexandrite ring gained fame for its ability to change color when the light emits it. Well, Alexandrite is rare gems that could be one option amongst other gemstones in the market. You can choose Alexandrite as an alternative when you are saturated with diamonds or pearls as an inlay of an engagement ring or wedding ring. I am sure that you will be amazed by its charm and uniqueness. For those of you who do not know about the Alexandrite gemstone is named after the Russian Tsar Alexander II, in honor of his contribution and coincidentally found in the Ural mining in Russia.

natural alexandrite ring

Since the Alexandrite was discovered during the 1830s, there were so many couples loves Alexandrite engagement ring, which is use gemstone Alexandrite. It is very popular because in addition to diamonds, you can offer something different for the bride to be and still look beautiful. Gemstone in the ring reflects how much you love your couple and Alexandrite is a perfect choice for the engagement. At the time you got married upgrade the engagement ring with a diamond wedding ring if your financial condition allows.  If not, the stunning green or ruby red Alexandrite will give the beautiful sparkle on the ring finger of the bride to be.

alexandrite wedding band

For cutting, there are so many models you can choose for this natural Alexandrite ring. You can choose a model cut of emerald or round cut style that is usually preferred by the bride. But, when you want something different you can choose a cushion style with a vintage style ring and see how it could look so beautiful.  The Alexandrite rings vintage will look glamor with vintage style when combined with cushion cut style. With an Alexandrite large cut and slim band, you will get a nice inlay that will show off at the finger. You can even combine with silver so it will look shiny when exposed to sunlight.

alexandrite ring

Before you buy an Alexandrite engagement ring, it would be better if preparing the budget in accordance to the financial capability for sure. You can buy this rare beautiful ring at $ 347.00 on Etsy. Prices could increase when you choose a different cut style and the band you choose, whether it is carved or plain and sleek. Regardless of expensive, it is worth to buy an engagement ring that uses Alexandrite as the inlay. I am sure that the natural Alexandrite ring will fascinate not only the bride, but also everyone. Well, happy couples have you decide to buy this gorgeous Alexandrite engagement ring?

vintage alexandrite ring

alexandrite engagement rings

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