The Engagement of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin

The Engagement of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin

Back days in 2009 Stephen Moyer an Actor and Producer proposed Anna Paquin his co-star on the Golden Globe and Emmy winner HBO Series True Blood with a beautiful and unique engagement ring. The Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer romantic relationship begins two years before the engagement when they met for making a pilot episode of true blood. The intense meeting as the main cast and intimate role as a lover on the set of true blood help them get close to each other. In the same year with her engagement, Anna Paquin also becomes the winner of the golden globe award for best performance actress in a television series drama.

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Beautiful Anna Paquin Engagement Ring

Anna Paquin engagement ring is very beautiful with a rustic diamond at the center along with little diamond on the side and odd, but gorgeous at the same time gothic accent ring. Cathy Waterman is believed as the jeweler who designs a beautiful engagement ring for Anna Paquin. So many people believed that the Anna Paquin engagement ring she worn on his left hand ring finger is a moonstone on the central. The moonstone or we are also known as physic stone is a gemstone with a type of feldspar or in simple word is a gem that colorless or pale-colored crystal with the main characteristic.

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The moonstone usually or common is white, but you can find them in other color like black, blue or yellow. In some occasions Anna Paquin engagement ring is shimmering like yellow gem stone and makes people think that is moonstone, but it is not. In some interview Stephen Moyer said the engagement ring is interesting and not normal while Anna Paquin said her engagement ring has the central rough-cut diamond and its five carats. So the ring not only beautiful, unique, but also high-priced engagement rings.

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The Details of Anna Paquin Engagement Ring

If you look closer to Anna Paquin engagement ring you will find the ring has a floral detail like five leaf motif on both sides. Each leaf has little diamond on it, one of them is like reaching the central big diamond. This type of ring is quite a vintage model of engagement ring; it looks like a simple ring, but elegant. Anna Paquin engagement ring could be a finer reference for all brides, which will pop the question if they want a simple, but a beautiful engagement ring that decorates a love story of Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer.

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