Teardrop Shaped Diamond Rings Buying Guide

Teardrop Shaped Diamond Rings 

Teardrop diamond will be the right choice when you want to get a nice engagement ring. During this time many people are confused in determining the shape of the diamond that wants to buy as the ring because there are many options of diamond shape. During this time, solitaire diamond and emerald diamond is the most popular style because it looks classic and classy. It encourages the people to buy diamonds with emerald or solitaire shape. But if you want to have a different ring, then you can choose a teardrop shaped diamond or who also used to be called with a pear cut diamond.

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Many people are mentioned in a different way because it does have a shape like a pear and some people see it as a teardrop. This happens due to of different perspective. Regardless of the debate have often done, teardrop rings still an idol for most women. If we look at the history, the diamond was originally used for inlay earrings. But after all this time many diamond craftsmen to innovate by creating a teardrop shaped diamond for an engagement ring and a wedding ring. And, now many people used as inlay ring in various way.

teardrop diamond

teardrop shaped diamond

If you take a look closer the teardrop shaped diamond, it will show two fusions of different forms. It is a perfect blend of marquise and oval diamonds. Diamond will form a semi-circle at the top and looks taper at the bottom. Teardrop diamond is a perfect blend between brilliant cut and bold cut that emit more light. It will make the diamond has a lot of sparkle. This combination will create teardrop rings that hard to resist. It is just that some people will have difficulty in determining the level of clarity on this diamond because it has a fiery cut.

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If you want to buy teardrop rings, then you should pay attention to every detail that is visible on the surface of the diamond. One problem that often occurs is the absence of a certificate that describes the degree of clarity of the diamond. Teardrop shaped diamond is difficult to see clearly and some teardrop diamond has a Bow Tie Effect. This is a defect that reduces the level of clarity of the diamond. It is hard to see clearly because everyone has different perspective about this diamond. Although it has a standard of clarity, but the tastes of each person who will determine the clarity of teardrop rings.

tear drop diamond

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