Square Cut Diamond Wedding Rings

Square Cut Diamond Wedding Rings

The princess cut diamond ring or square diamond ring is the second most popular diamond cut shape, in addition to the round shape of the face to brilliant. Princess cut or square cut wedding rings and profile or side on a similar to an inverted pyramid with hipped form. Princess cut diamond cut is relatively new, it having been created in the 1960s and has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to the more special for the most popular round brilliant cut, on top of the diamond, called crown, cut with a round face shape-from top to bottom, called the pavilion is shaped like a cone.

square diamond wedding rings

Square Cut Wedding Rings

A princess cut wedding rings or square diamond wedding rings with a width equal to the diameter of the round brilliant will be heavier because it has four corners have been cut and rounded to form a brilliant round. Princess cut is known as a square modified brilliant at times. Square cut wedding rings includes its enchanted feature is very close to the number of the round brilliant cut. And this is one of only two square cut (the other is the luminous piece) that is closest to the fire and brilliance stunning round brilliant.

square cut wedding rings

Square diamond ring has a square shape with sharp edges and most popular form of square diamond wedding rings from mix cut setting aspect category. Another provision brilliant aspect (aspect pattern radiating from the center to the edge of the triangular stone appearance or comet) and Step (concentric lines that run parallel to the trapezoidal aspect corset).

square diamond ring

Square cut rings are categorized under brilliant cut mixed due to adopt aspects of the agreement on aspects of the crown and configuration step in the Pavilion. Princess traditionally square shape with four sides of equal length. But given the princess often form a rectangular shape to reduce waste. Because of this, as a step towards a rectangle shape daughter, the price decreases. The advantage of square diamond ring is that you can have it at a price much lower than the round engagement ring or engagement ring diamond heart-shaped, with a central stone of the same quality. If you are wondering how it is possible then here is how. Since square diamond wedding rings shape less waste of rough diamonds. In addition, labor costs are relatively less rock princess cuts round shape. Therefore, the total costs of engagement ring princess final stone is much smaller than the engagement ring round diamonds.

The form is quite flexible and versatile square cut rings despite having sharp, crisp edges. If it sets in the right setting, square diamond wedding rings can be worn every day. After all square diamond ring is intended for everyday use. Square shape combines perfectly with a variety of styles and can be arranged in different areas of jewelry. This ring looks very elegant and graceful when set in the branch or lateral placement of stones V-shaped side available in side continuous diamond without gaps in the channel settings are the most popular places of both rings commitment.

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