Round Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings Sets

Round Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings Sets

Beautiful round diamond engagement rings valuable for unsurpassed brilliance and fire, has become the main force of popular round solitaire engagement rings for over a century. Round brilliant cut diamond cut is the most studied and analyzed. Round diamond cuts are over four hundred years, but it was not until 1919 when the original round brilliant diamonds created by Marcel Tolkowsky.

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Before in that time, rose cut diamonds and old European cut diamond is the most popular style of round diamonds. Marcel designed the round brilliant cut implement a comprehensive mathematical knowledge to develop the shape and cut to maximize the diamond’s brilliance and fire of its upper limit.

Years later, the advancement of laser technology and computer modeling leads to a brilliant round diamond engagement rings cut today – cut with the highest number of rhythm fire, brilliance and dispersion of light that other quite be the same court. Cut itself covers 58 aspects of dazzling, and keep a lot of initial rough diamond weight.

Round pieces of diamond engagement ring style is one of the most versatile of all styles – and perhaps that is why the round diamond engagement rings have been so popular for so long. The round solitaire engagement rings with a brilliant cut available from small to large sizes oxide, alone, as the ring two or three stones, or supplemented with additional duct stones wrapped around the band.

round solitaire engagement rings

Round brilliant cut diamond shape is also very suitable for every day wear engagement rings – no sharp corners or edges, center stone tend to take the hair or clothing and no sharp edges that may be prone to chipping or breaking. With an impressive degree of fire and brilliance, round brilliant diamonds also hide flaws in a diamond min – shades of color, inclusions and blemishes will not easily visible – and the couple have a greater degree of flexibility to seek a beautiful but affordable diamond engagement ring.

Number a configuration for ring sets of round diamond engagement rings is setting four branches. This arrangement will continue to make the center stone of the ring sets remain safe and open to maximize the amount of light that can enter the stone setting. Brilliant-cut diamonds larger, usually over 2 carats may need adjustment 6 branches – but for the most brilliant diamonds 4 sprigs perfect setting.

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Bezel setting – that envelops the entire stone – popular pretty ring round brilliant contemporary, but this type of agreement is closed to block some light and may slightly reduce the quality of the ring of fire and flash. Brilliant cut diamonds with excellent ideal for seeing the best in the setting of 4 branches due to the fire and brilliance of cut quality is maximized – bezel setting ideally should not be used in top grade diamonds if flawless diamonds as degree of Round diamond engagement rings color or D.

However, the bezel setting is an excellent choice for brilliant cut of round diamonds engagement rings with good to fair value without unduly affecting the brilliance and fire of diamonds.

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