Platinum Wedding Ring – The Current Craze

Platinum Wedding Ring – The Current Craze


Platinum wedding ring is fast becoming a popular choice with the prospective brides and grooms. Even the cost of these rings does not deter them. This is due to the latest trend of making the wedding ring look as expensive as possible. But besides the cost factor, the metal also has some other advantages over gold. Platinum is stronger and more durable and it the most sought after metal to have stones embedded in it as well. Unlike the old days, the youth of today has moved to more contemporary designs and styles, thus making platinum wedding rings quite a desired option.

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It is very important to choose a wedding ring that you really like as it is something that is going to be associated with you for a lifetime. Make sure to select the best design and style for your wedding ring to give it that unique look. It should be something that should give you immense pleasure even several years later. You may choose a titanium wedding ring or a Celtic wedding ring; just ensure that it is durable and ideal for daily usage.

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Mens Platinum, Double Row 8.5MM Comfort Wedding Band

How Good Are Platinum Wedding Rings?

A platinum wedding ring provides an elegant and fashionable look. This is something that you cannot realize with most gold rings.

Platinum sparkles as much as gold and unlike gold, is very strong and durable.

It is hypo allergenic and resistant to all wear and tear.

The shine and the elegance of a platinum wedding ring would remain the same even after wearing it for many years.

You can even convert the platinum ring into a diamond wedding ring by embedding a diamond into it and making it even more adorable.

Platinum being a neutral metal does not cause any kind of allergic reactions, and it is also extremely durable. All the above mentioned factors make platinum the most appropriate metal for the making of wedding rings.

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1.50 ct TTW Lady’s Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band Ring in Platinum in Size 8

Platinum Wedding Ring Styles

Combine platinum with a precious stone to make an exquisite design. You could have a single diamond or even set several small diamonds in a platinum band.

Try one of the Celtic platinum wedding ring styles or a domed platinum wedding band.

You could also have your birthstone or an astrological stone embedded in your platinum ring.

A titanium wedding ring looks more or less like a platinum ring. The look and the luster of titanium are quite like platinum, only it comes at a much lesser price. Whatever style or design you select, just make sure that the platinum wedding ring provides the most modern look to your wedding ring. Also consider one of the comfort fit platinum bands. These are ideal for daily usage and look great too.

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Do not cross your budget by going overboard while designing your platinum wedding ring. Though trendy and stylish, the only disadvantage of buying platinum is the price associated with it.

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