Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings – The Fanciest of Gemstones

By Enid Edginton

A sapphire that is any other color but blue is called a Fancy Sapphire. Red sapphires are classified as rubies. Pink sapphires are also sometimes called the girly sapphires. There is something very cheery, youthful and optimistic about pink sapphire jewelry. Pink sapphire jewelry is hip these days because the off color sapphires (ones that are not the usual dark blue) epitomize the eclectic taste.

Sapphires and especially pink sapphires can be considered to be a “cut above” other gemstones. Like rubies and sapphires, pink sapphires can be heat treated in order to get rid of a dark core or an uneven color. The least expensive pink sapphire engagement ring and pendants tend to be set with these heat-treated gemstones.


Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

The fact that natural pink sapphires do vary so much in color from stone to stone makes them truly individual. The pink sapphire can range in hue from an almost purplish pink, to rosy pink to pink with a yellowish cast to baby pink. Even if you don’t like pink that much, there is a pink sapphire gemstone out there in a hue to suit you.

Like all precious gemstones, the value of a pink sapphire depends on size, color and transparency. It also depends where the pink sapphire is from. The absolutely cheapest pink sapphire jewelry usually contains lab created pink sapphires, which are absolutely perfect. These are the types of stones you are most likely to find in discount pink sapphire jewelry.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Executive Summary about Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings by Saffron Samson

Sapphire comes in various hues of blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, orange and even colorless sapphires. Pink sapphires deepen in color as the quantity of chromium increases. The monetary value of sapphire increases as the color deepens.


The craftsmanship of sapphire rings and necklaces is a thing to admire. While buying sapphire rings, one should look out for jewelry information and stone information. For stone information one should research for minimum color, minimum clarity, minimum total carat weight, minimum total gem weight.

There are many jewelry stores and online merchants who have a fabulous collection of pink sapphire rings besides other unique colors. Natural sapphires does not mean they are unaltered. Natural sapphires are untreated and is free from any chemical or heat treatments. While buying a sapphire jewelry always look out for its authenticity.

Buying an untreated sapphire alone is not enough. The color plays the major role in reflecting a sapphires beauty. Holding a well cut sapphire stone under direct sunlight reflects its true color. A natural sapphire depicts clarity and will have more inclusions than a treated sapphire.

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Pink Sapphires – Get the J. Lo.

Executive Summary about Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings by Hannah D.     

Extremely rare in their natural form, pink diamonds are awfully pricey–natural pink diamond engagement rings hardly ever sell for less than $10,000. If you want the pink diamond look without the pink diamond price tag, you might want to consider a pink sapphire.

To the uninitiated, pink sapphire might seem like an oxymoron. Pink sapphires have a deeper, richer color than pink quartz or other semi-precious stones, and don’t get damaged by heat treatments.

What can you do with pink sapphires? imitation; garnish a white diamond ring with pink sapphire accents; or use in any variety of pendants, bracelets, necklaces or rings. The latest rage is pink sapphires set into pink gold–the natural color combination creates a beautiful complement.

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Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Executive Summary about Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings by Julie Shields

One of the finest gemstones on earth, diamonds pale in comparison to a choice selection of pink sapphire engagement rings. Pink sapphires range in color from a pale, almost nude, pink to a bright hot pink.

pink sapphire engagement ring

The sapphire received immense popularity when Prince Charles presented Lady Diana with an oval sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds for their engagement. Pink Sapphires are offered in round, or oval shapes; rectangular and square cuts are also available. Synthetic sapphires were first created in 1902, and it is hard to tell them from natural sapphires except by the trained eye. Sapphire is the birthstone for September, and in the same gem family as the ruby.

Helen of Troy attributed her battle conquests to a star sapphire she owned. The rare pink sapphires are most found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Sapphires were also placed in the foundation of the walls of Jerusalem. Sapphires have with a rich history and unusually long life expectancy.

Sapphire is given for the 5th, 23rd, and 45th wedding anniversaries. The Star Sapphire is often gifted on the 65th anniversary. Congratulations, Prince Charming, your captivating Princess await you, and that stunning pink sapphire engagement ring!

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