Opal and Tourmaline Pink Birthstone Month

Opal and Tourmaline Pink Birthstone 

Pink birthstone become the primary choice because pink is considered a feminine color. Pink is always identified with the softness and the properties of the woman. No wonder if during this time it’s always been represents the female psyche. Pink is an amazing color, especially if you want to have an inlay ring with pink gemstone. Based on month colors, pink is a symbol of October. Although July almost has the same color, but the pink produced is different. If July has pearl white with pink inclined, then October has Opal and Tourmaline that produce pure pink. It will be the idol of the women who crave beautiful inlay.

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Opal and Tourmaline are the pink birthstone month and it is very beautiful with all its blend. However, from the two types of these gemstones, Tourmaline is the only one that has the original pink color. Opal usually has some combination of colors like Turquoise, Blue Sea, or even Red. The color mixture creates a two-tone color, and the collectors are really like gemstones with this color combination. In fact, some collectors have Opal with a blend of three up to four colors. This makes the price of this gemstone is very expensive because of the diverse mix of colors. And, if you want to get a genuine pink birthstone you can choose Tourmaline.

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Tourmaline has a pure pink color with a distinctive luster. Even Tourmaline also has a level of clarity just like diamonds. No wonder if you could find Tourmaline which has a level of clarity that almost transparent and some of them have clouds trapped in the gemstone. But this is not a defect, Tourmaline with such clarity cloud level is still regarded as one of the best pink birthstone. This is different from the other birthstone month colors, where only the most transparent gemstone who has the best quality and has a high price.

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So far there are no other gemstones that can match the quality of this pink birthstone month. Everyone who wants to have a pink birthstone always prefer to buy Tourmaline, or at least Opal if they want to get diversity colors on gemstones. All you need is just select the gemstone according to your liking, whether it Opal or Tourmaline. This is a suitable birthstone if you want to impress your girl because there is no women in this world that will reject this astonishing pink birthstone.

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