Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Settings


Marquise engagement ring settings is an engagement ring with an elegant, graceful and enchanting. Marquise engagement ring settings with gemstones in the shape of an oval piece tapered design has a very unique and special. This ring can be an ideal alternative as a engagement ring.

marquise engagement ring settings

Every woman wants an engagement ring that is beautiful and fascinating, marquise diamond engagement rings can meet this demand. With the geometric shape of marquise cut diamond will provide beautiful light effects of the diamond. But the diamond must be cut with a good technique in order to get the perfect effect.

With the appearance of curved and elongated, marquise diamond engagement rings will usually look bigger than other gems with the same carat weight. Shape marquise engagement rings unique also make fingers look longer, slender and petite. A combination of these characteristics, making engagement rings marquise worthy of consideration.

marquise diamond engagement rings

engagement rings marquise

Marquise engagement rings are generally expected to have perfect proportions that length should be twice the width. Buyer must be careful and ensure that the stone has been cut angle properly in order to avoid a “butterfly effect” whereby if the light is not reflected or refracted properly, then the black areas can arise that make a diamond loses its brilliance. However, this phenomenon only becomes a serious problem if greatly affect sparkle.

Stone marquise cut diamond engagement ring from can be arranged in a variety of positions, such as vertical or horizontal direction of the finger. However, the most common is the vertical position. You can go to a local jewelry store, jewelry store or online and choose carefully marquise diamond engagement rings. Whatever the style and design you choose, make sure you choose a marquise diamond engagement rings are best for you.

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