How to Settle The Engagement Ring Layaway Payment Plan

The Engagement Ring Layaway Payment Plan

You have chosen your engagement ring? You do not know how to pay for it? Definitely, you’ve come to the right place because I will give you the details of the three methods of engagement ring payment plan such as Engagement Ring Layaway, Apply for Personal Loans and Loan from Jeweler. You can try one that suits your condition and needs.

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Try Engagement Ring Layaway

Engagement ring layaway is differently shopping with a credit card or uses the billing plan deadlines. With the installment from time to time, but you stay in the store of purchase until you finish paying for them. Engagement ring layaway follows the same four basic processes:

  • You choose what you want to put in installments.
  • You pay a deposit. Progress varied shops. Some stores allow you to choose the amount, while others charge based on the total amount of your purchase price.
  • You make a small payment from time to time. You can create a weekly, biweekly payments or even months, depending on the store policy.
  • Once you pay your total purchase price plus the cost of delivery, you can take your things.

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Apply for Personal Loans

Another option engagement ring payment plan come in the form of personal loans. You can request a short term loan from a bank. Before applying, I suggest you do a little research first what kind of term that every bank offers to fix it with your engagement ring payment plan. You can select multiple banks, collect information and compare interest rates of any bank interest. Don’t forget to see the terms and conditions of each bank. You can get some interest and other details directly from the Internet, without personally contact the bank staff. You need to compare interest rates and try to go to a bank that comes with a more casual term and the lowest rate.

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Loan from Jeweler

The last way of engagement ring payment plan is loan from jeweler itself. The good thing is that a lot of jewelry that offers engagement rings financing for their customers. However, if you do not have a credit history then you cannot enjoy this facility. Someone with bad credit( for your information, bad credit illustrate the failure of the past to compete with the credit agreement and the inability to obtain approval for new loans) will still realize some gems that make financing for low engagement ring financing bad credit.

engagement ring financing bad credit

Undoubtedly, interest rates come with jewels option than personal loan financing. In general, there are two ways that jewelry that offers loans for engagement rings; Card Jewelry and through financial institutions. Many online stores of famous jewelry are known issue credit cards to their customers. Customers can use these cards to buy engagement ring jewelry. A fixed interest rate is a little higher than usual financial institutions loan. In the second case, jewelry provides loans through financial institutions. Some jewelry comes with special promotional offers; no interest will be charged if the customer pays the full amount of the loan within a year.

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