Financing Engagement Ring Cuts for Men


Engagement Ring Cuts for Men

The concept is relatively new engagement rings for men custom wedding rings. You must have observed, for a man to wear an engagement ring is not a very common sight. However, as the saying goes “Change is the only constant”, men today are not afraid to break an ancient tradition and tread the road less traveled. And this is a feature not make them feel shame adorn the any engagement ring cuts that has long legs of women. Therefore, it may not be long enough when engagement ring for men would be commonplace. And let me tell you, the jewelry will not lag behind, either to reach a new trend in men’s jewelry. Since, engagement ring financing of men nowadays become popular. However, the engagement ring of men has long been a part of the segment of male jewelry Tiffany, Cartier and Harry Winston – famous for its collection of lavish engagement rings.

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Engagement ring a woman is symbolic and ornamental. After all, we do not identify engagement ring for women with style and luxury. By contrast, the engagement ring for men without frills about it. No flashy and showy, it is purely a sign of commitment to the new relationship. Thus, engagement ring financing for male engagement ring cuts should be simple, sophisticated and uncomplicated.

For the consideration of engagement ring financing, black white gold platinum, stainless steel, silver, tungsten, titanium is the metal choice for engagement ring for men. Yellow gold and white gold can be used with a two-tone effect. However, in pink gold should be avoided because the color has to feel like a woman. Tungsten is fast catching tendency due to its durability and more expensive gold. Moreover, tungsten has a modern flavor that makes it a good choice for contemporary engagement ring cuts. However, be sure to choose the right size ring on the first trip itself, because it becomes very hard rings tungsten cannot easily be resized.

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As usual, green and round shape is a classic choice while princess and emerald shape exudes masculinity. But, marquise and pear engagement ring cuts are in the red zone of engagement ring for men because of its feminine touch. The basic rule is, men’s rings should be stylish without being flashy. Therefore, a compromise sound white diamonds most suitable. However, if you are looking for something different, then go for the black diamond. Among the precious stones, onyx, opal, emerald and sapphire blue usually mix well with men in general. Always remember, dark colored gemstone should be preferred for male engagement rings. This can be your option for engagement ring financing of men.

Women can compromise comfort for the sake of a piece of jewelry styles, but this does not apply to men. For those comfort comes first. The engagement ring cuts or belt surface should be smooth and free of snags. Open the settings, channel settings and industry adjustment liked best is best choice for engagement ring financing of men. If it is a band, then flush-set band that looks good contract. Use your thinking cap on and play with your imagination. It could very well add a personal touch to an engagement ring for men which is getting intimate message (like “I love you” or the date of commitment or time / special things they share) recorded.

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