Emerald, The Gemstone Of Royalty

Emerald, The Gemstone Of Royalty

Emerald is identified a member of the Beryl family and is rated 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale. An identifying and common characteristic of emerald is “jardin” (meaning garden in French). These are inclusions, which add character to each individual gemstone and are accepted as normal in emerald. Care should be taken with this emerald gemstone, especially if it is to be worn for everyday use.

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Many fine emeralds are produced from four principal mines in Columbia: the Muzo, the Quipama, the Cozquez, and the Chivor. Generally, the finer emeralds produced from the Muzo mine are characterized by their deep green color with little trace of yellow, the finer emeralds from the Quipama with a little yellow, the finer emeralds from the Cozquez with a hint of blue, and the finer emeralds from the Chivor with more blue. There are also fine emeralds mined in South America, Africa and elsewhere, but as far as color Columbia still appears to set the standard.

Emeralds have a long and glamorous history, favored for centuries by royal family, the aristocracy and the rich and famous worldwide. Emeralds have been an important part of religious ceremonies and important celebrations virtually since man began recording such events. Emerald engagement rings is one popular choice.

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Most emeralds are clarity enhanced in one fashion or another. Enhancement varieties include oiling (almost all), oil and polymer mix, which can eliminate the need for intermittent oiling and a variety of other treatments, some in a vacuum, others by soaking. One should assume an Emerald has been clarity enhanced unless informed in writing that it has not been.

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The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has developed a classification system with clarity enhancement being identified as no evidence of clarity enhancement, minor, moderate or significant. In some instances, even though there is evidence of enhancement, the emerald may still fall in the no evidence of enhancement category because the examiner believes that the filling of small fissures in the emerald in relationship to its size has enough impact on the overall appearance to warrant a finding of enhancement. Keep in mind that enhancement, or lack thereof, is not the whole story. An emerald could lack any evidence of enhancement and still be of little value, while another could show significant enhancement and have a very high value. Color, clarity and weight play extremely important roles in emerald value. Complete care information shall be provided to you with your purchase.

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Large Emeralds with few inclusions and top color are pricey, just as with other rare gemstones. Emerald color is extremely significant in the pricing of emeralds. Notwithstanding that, emerald prices in relation to diamonds and Burma Ruby and Sapphire are attractive. Many would say emeralds are presently significantly undervalued in the market today. Emeralds are exotically beautiful. They have an aura and mystique, which cannot be explained, but that aura and mystique certainly are there to experience and enjoy. Emerald is the birthstone colors of May. Whether worn at a formal gathering or worn while dressed casually, emeralds add elegance.

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