Emerald  and Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald  and Diamond Engagement Rings


Emerald engagement rings has been valuable for centuries because of its beauty, rarity, and emerald association with Venus, goddess of love. No catch amazing pace gemstone emerald green depth, but the emerald and diamond rings which are for precious and noble weddings require special care to ensure the quality emerald last a lifetime.

Emerald gemstone is often improved through a process using oil, resin, stone and wax layer, cure cracked, and improve the color, clarity, and overall appearance of the stone. Improvements’ using colored dyes or colored oil is sometimes used. This increase cannot be accepted by most professional jewelry because they have very poor stability ratings. Avoid emerald engagement rings created with color-enhanced emerald. Emerald that has been dyed labeled D.

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While emerald and diamond rings can be quite resistant to most scratches, therefore it still requires special attention, especially for emerald engagement rings everyday wear. Sudden changes in temperature, steam cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning can damage the stone and should be avoided. This is due to the sensitive chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning emerald, it is best to avoid white gold emerald ring, which must have a new rhodium plate every few years. Palladium and platinum are excellent alternative to white gold.

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Those who wore emerald and diamond rings need to be careful of hitting the ring against a hard surface such as some gemstone of emerald may be brittle and prone to breakage. Emerald with a high degree of clarity and a small degree of inclusion is stronger than emerald with low clarity and or multiple inclusions. Emeralds are very included special needs to be treated with great care and should be avoided in every day wear rings. Emerald engagement rings should be stored in a soft pouch or separate from other parts of the jewelry box to prevent scratches. The best way is to remove an emerald ring before swimming in chlorinated water too.

Emerald gemstone in emerald engagement ring has always been a symbol of love and faith, and because of this belief that the ancient Romans offered valuable emerald as a gift for their goddess of love – Venus. Emerald and diamond rings are also believed to relieve, soothe the restless mind and provide the carrier with the gift of foresight. It is a classic stone of emerald birthstone for the month of June and the modern stone for the month of May.

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Price carat of emerald quality in emerald and diamond engagement rings is about $ 1,000. However higher carat emerald and diamond rings or gemstones with excellent clarity can get a high price as $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 per carat. Factors such as carat, cut, clarity and color can all have an impact on the price of a gemstone emerald.

The emerald engagement ring price or emerald wedding ring overall increase significantly depending on the size of rust too. Emerald rings contain small stones less than a carat in size, which is much more affordable than the rings are made with a 1 carat emerald. As the size remains above 1 carat, emerald carat price increases gemstone with an almost exponential number. Emerald and diamond rings and the rings made with platinum, which is significantly higher price as well.

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