Diamond Split Band Engagement Ring

Diamond Split Band Engagement Ring

Split band engagement ring is one of the models that can be selected as an engagement ring that is different than the others. Basically, there are some models that you can choose for engagement rings. Some rings have different crown, different materials, and even different rods. Rods or shank is circular loop that will get your fingers and some rings have variations in this section. This is one of the models split shank engagement ring where you have a circle divided into two. Even some of the ring has a unique model because the shank is split into some little parts.

oval split shank engagement rings

band for engagement ring

This is a very unique model because you will also get different inlay. During this time you get Princess Cut models but with a split band engagement ring you will get a different inlay with sprinkling diamond or ruby with an oval shape. This is a very good option because you will have a crown ring with nice style. Some split shank engagement ring also has a few lines. Generally there are two or three lines that bind to the main crown. On the crown, you can also choose a diamond with a model of Radiant, Marquise, Cushion, Asscher or other models that suitable into your liking.

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Split Band Engagement Ring Settings

The most fun part in choosing engagement rings is when you setting the shank that you want. During this time, the single rod selected for those who want to have an engagement ring. But try to use your imagination so that you could be setting up the rods in a unique way. Separate the rod and you will get a split shank engagement ring. You can choose the type of splitting according to what you want. You can choose split from below or split from the middle of the rod. It can be customized to your taste because every person has a different imagination.

split band engagement ring

band ring

You can also make a unique design with a split and twist. This is a new way that will make your engagement ring amazing. You will get an engagement ring with a rod that is split in two parts and it is twisted to grip the main inlay. The result will look stunning because twisting roots supports your diamond. And you can also add small diamonds on each twisted section to make different accent. This would be the best split band engagement ring.

split shank band

2 band engagement ring

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