Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings

There are so many types and models for you in determining the right choice for engagement rings. If you and your lover likes traditional style, then you can consider the cushion diamond engagement rings. Engagement ring that reveals the beauty of romance.

You do not need to be confused with the many choices engagement rings are so many available at a local jewelry store or on the internet. In the modern era is not difficult to find what you want. But with so many choices, sometimes make us confused. Select a ring that suits your style and taste both, then you will find the right ring. If your choice is to cushion diamond engagement rings, it was very nice.

cushion diamond engagement rings

What is a Cushion Engagement Ring?

Cushion engagement ring is a jewel stone engagement rings are cut in a way that is unique rectangular shape with rounded corners. His name is sometimes also called a pillow cut because as a square shape with rounded edges and curved like a pillow.

This design is known at the time about the 1870s, when setting candlelight more prominent than at this moment. Cushion diamond engagement rings have a setting designed to sparkle in the candlelight. Therefore, this piece is also referred to as the candlelight cut.

In this modern era, the modern diamond cutting technology will allow to modify the cut models adjusted with lighting that we have today. Model cushion setting engagement ring found on many antique engagement ring that looks exotic and unique.

cushion engagement ring

How do I Buy a Cushion Engagement Ring?

When you are looking for a cushion ring with jewel stone in the form of a diamond, you need to know that the quality of a diamond is measured by 4C namely carat, color, clarity and cut. These things will give you a standard quality of each diamond. Diamond prices will increase along with the increase in the amount of rust. The color of the diamond also determines the price of the diamond.

Diamond clarity refers to the absence of inclusions or defects in diamond. Cut refers to symmetry, finishing, and polishing of diamonds that play a role in enhancing the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond. To buy the right ring cushion you need to research and pay attention to the things mentioned above.

Because when you buy diamond engagement rings cushion has a great aspect to emphasize the clarity of a diamond, make sure you get the diamonds with clarity and good quality so that you get a cushion diamond engagement rings are perfect for a present on your fiance.

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