Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond, The Differences

Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond, The Differences

Cubic zirconia vs diamond is a classic subject of debate happens for a long time. Especially, for those who have no idea at all about those two gemstones. Most people always prefer the cubic zirconia as their inlay of an engagement or wedding ring considering its price cheaper than diamond and have the same sparkle as diamond too. The debate between cz vs diamond need to be tested to gain trust after having the result of the test. Now, let us explain the difference between the cubic zirconia and diamond in general, based on the report of the test and study.

value of cubic zirconia

So, what is cubic zirconia? This is a synthetic mineral created in a lab made of zirconium dioxide. The lab expert makes the cubic zirconia as the substitutes of the diamond, which has an expensive price while the CZ is affordable. The cubic zirconia also called as CZ’s, which occasionally is misunderstood after zircon. It can be said that zircon is a real gemstone while the CZ’s is the synthetic mineral grown in the special lab. Apparently, that fact still can give a clear point of view regarding cubic zirconia vs diamond for some people. They still buy cubic zirconia for the cheaper price and the similarity with diamond.

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How To Differentiate The CZ vs Diamond

Well, since both of them have the similar shape and clarity for untrained people, maybe it is found difficult to tell the differences cz vs diamond. It is advised to perform a simple test to tell the difference between diamond and cubic zircon, it is called as huff-test. It is a simple test where you need to ‘huff’, breathe to them, and have a look if it is foggy. The diamond will fog, but it will clear immediately. Meanwhile the cz is taking time longer to back clear again. That is a simple test to search for the difference between them.

Now, you can choose which one is best for you. Cubic zirconia will dull and there will be scratched since it is not a real gemstone. It is different with diamond, which has flawless and can keep its brightness for a long time. I hope after read this article will have knowledge of the facts cubic zirconia vs diamond.

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how much is cubic zirconia worth

diamond vs cubic zirconia

1 ct cubic zirconia

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