Claddagh Engagement Ring Sets

Claddagh Engagement Ring Sets

The origin of the claddagh engagement rings is of a small fishing village in Galway, Ireland. Claddagh engagement ringsmerupakan traditional Irish wedding ring, which is also popular as engagement rings and affection.

In the history of Ireland, according to legend, there was a man named Richard Joyce who was captured as a slave by Algeria when he was on his way to the West Indies. Someone called Moorish who is the master of Richard Joyce taught him the art of gold-smithing. In 1689, he was freed from slavery and returned to his lover in Claddagh Galway.


Claddagh engagement rings are a symbol of love and friendship. “With these hands I give you my heart and crown with a sincere love”, so the meaning of claddagh engagement rings. This ring symbolizes how carefully you have bound by true love that grows in a marriage bond.

Some Images of Claddagh Engagement Ring Sets

claddagh engagement rings

claddagh engagement ring sets

Claddagh engagement ring sets can be made from all kinds of ring any precious metals. Likewise with pearl stone. You can put up a diamond or other gemstone in claddagh engagement ring sets.

One of gemstones that are often mounted on claddagh engagement ring sets are birthstone. This is the added value in your claddagh engagement ring sets. You can choose in accordance with the birthstone of your loved one’s birth.

But one thing you must remember, claddagh engagement rings are not judged only of monetary value, but that is mainly from the design and meaning are denoted by claddagh ring engagement ring sets. How much you have committed since the beginning of your engagement to vows bind you with pure love. This is evident from the design of the ring that you select. Congratulations happy for your engagement.

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