Circle Citrine Engagement Rings, Make Them on Your List

Circle Citrine Engagement Rings, Make Them on Your List

Citrine engagement rings with captivating life are ranging from pale yellow to orange eye-catching with bright red flashing. Durable and affordable, this gemstone is a favorite for a single ring that can stand the test of time and wear daily.

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Guidelines to Buy Engagement Rings Citrine

  • Citrine Meaning

Citrine engagement ring meaning are associated with monetary success and luck.  Color golden yellow is also believed to be the uplifting spirit and help lighten the depressed or sad mood. It can be in circle engagement rings, heart shape, or even square.

  •  Citrine Special Care

As a gemstone which is in circle engagement rings, citrine are very tough with a degree of hardness of 7.0, citrine engagement rings do not require special treatment. To preserve citrine ring in excellent condition for many years to come, however, it is best to remove the citrine engagement rings if you will participate in activities that may expose citrine gemstone hard blow or blows or chemicals – ring should be removed, so if you swim in chlorinated water. And if you decide to remove the ring for a while, it is best to keep the ring in a bag or soft case away from other jewelry parts to minimize scratches on the ring.

  •  Citrine Guide Price

Price per carat of citrine engagement rings can range from $ 10 to $ 30. Although, the total cost for citrine ring, wedding ring and engagement ring can have a wide range of prices for color, clarity and cut stone. Size gemstone carat does not have much effect on the price. Custom cut citrine gemstone, usually in circle engagement rings shape that maximizes the brightness and color of the stones is assessed at a higher price as a stone that is free of defects and inclusions.

  •  Tips for buying engagement citrine ring

It takes some dedication to find citrine engagement rings made with natural citrine. The shape of the stone imitation is indeed exists, and can be almost impossible to distinguish from simulant citrine. The heat treatment of smoked quartz and amethyst are acceptable methods produce citrine; citrine 100% natural is very rare. Simulant citrine version (which is not made of smoky quartz or amethyst) is often less professional, quality cut. This color version is also the artificial blood usually orange, and sold for a very low as a few dollars per carat.

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If you are not sure about citrine engagement rings, a local certified gemologist can evaluate the rock and reveal if you have an acceptable form of citrine (hot smoky quartz or heated amethyst) or pretend, plus the estimated degree of cuts and clarity on the rocks. (This is the tip is especially important if the ring has a high value).

Citrine engagement rings whatever their shape, such as circle engagement rings should come with a report on the diamond certification of a reputable laboratory such as GIA, AGS, IGI and EGL – even a small diamond accent should come with a certificate. The only exception to this important trading tip is if the ring is an antique, estate and vintage citrine and diamond ring – in this case, the ring must reach a judgment or a certificate stating the cut, clarity and approximate value class diamond. (This is because the diamonds cannot be installed through the certification process).

citrine engagement ring meaning

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