Choose Style Halo Diamond Engagement Rings – Princess and Cushion Cut

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings – Princess and Cushion Cut

The opportunity to enter the engagement day is an opportunity that is so special in the life of a woman. Likewise, he would want everything went perfectly including special engagement ring. Halo diamond rings are very popular for the bride today. Halo diamond rings design focus stone surrounded by smaller stones circling the center stone.

In addition to halo diamond rings, halo setting engagement ring can also use other gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald etc. Halo setting engagement ring for the center stone can vary as round, square or rectangular. Halo style engagement rings are available in various designs and attractive best for your engagement ring.

halo diamond rings

There is a wide selection of diamond cut for your halo styles diamond rings. Some styles are round cut diamonds, princess cut, cushion, emerald, pear, heart and passion fruit. Each has a unique and special design. You can choose one of several models of halo diamond cut diamond ring for you.

Halo Cushion Engagement Rings

Halo cushion engagement rings gemstone are cut in a way that is unique rectangular shape with rounded corners. Sometimes also called as a cushion cut a square shape with rounded edges and curved like a pillow. Periphery of the diamond center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds stones surrounding the center stone.


Design cushion engagement rings are known at the time about the 1870s, when arranging candles more prominent than today. Cushion diamond engagement ring has a setting designed to shine in the candlelight. Therefore, this section is also referred to as the candlelight cut. Halo cushion engagement ring settings found on many antique engagement ring. Halo cushion engagement rings you that looks beautiful, exotic and unique.

Halo Princess Engagement Rings

Halo princess engagement rings is one of the ring with a style that is popular today. Halo princess engagement rings occupy the top of the list of cut diamonds sparkle and shimmer which displays beautiful. Halo princess cut engagement rings have diamonds with square shape which has a sharp corner. With an additional layer of small diamonds, known as baguette diamonds circling the center of the halo engagement rings princess.


By involving an expert in princess cut diamonds, princess cut diamond engagement ring will produce diamonds that emit maximum clarity and sharpness. It is important for you to know the halo setting engagement ring, its own baguette will not be too expensive because of the relatively small size.

The most decisive is the price of a diamond the size of the main options that you select. You will pay more for the main diamond size larger. To scarce early in determining your engagement ring, set your budget limit. Then select the appropriate style ring with a style favored by your lover. Set the halo diamond rings that really suit your tastes and preferences.

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