Blue Stone for Engagement and Wedding Rings

Blue Stone for Engagement and Wedding Rings

Do you want a blue engagement ring? The blue color symbolizes loyalty, sincerity, trust and truth. Blue engagement ring also provides a wonderful atmosphere of romance. With dazzling colors and design, will make us spellbound with its beauty.

You can choose blue stone engagement rings among which sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz and turquoise. Each has its own color and its own characteristics. You can choose the one you like for your blue stone engagement rings.

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Gemstone Sapphire

The best sapphires are found in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir (India) and some other places. The word sapphire comes from the Greek word meaning sapphirus blue. Blue sapphire is derived from a mineral called corundum, the same mineral found in ruby. In terms of hardness, sapphire is second only to diamond.

Sapphire has a wide range of colors, such as blue, white, pink, yellow and so on. Blue sapphire engagement rings are becoming increasingly well-known when Princess Diana and Prince Charles wearing a blue sapphire and diamond for the engagement. Likewise, increased in popularity when Prince William and Kate Middleton wore the same ring.

blue-stone-engagement-rings1Aquamarine Gemstone

One reason why many people like aquamarine ring is because the color is amazing. Beauty is like a beautiful blue sky, absolutely stunning. You can combine the blue stone engagement ring with white gold or platinum.

The best way to cut aquamarine ring is cut emerald. With emerald cuts will showcase the beauty of aquamarine with a very beautiful way. You can choose many other models in the online jewelry stores that are widely available today.

Aquamarine Gemstone rings

Blue Topaz Gemstone

Blue topaz ring Ring resemble like aquamarine and sapphire ring, looks similar but differ in the nature, composition, hardness and price. Price of blue topaz engagement rings are relatively cheaper.

You can create a set of blue topaz jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Of course, your lover will be happy to get a gorgeous blue topaz jewelry set with blue stone engagement ring. With the right pieces and design, blue topaz engagement ring will give the impression that special for you.


You can choose several types of gemstones above a blue gems for engagement rings or blue wedding rings. Make sure you choose one that suits your taste and of course the budget you have set. If you choose a gemstone above as a wedding ring, you can choose one pair of blue wedding rings are beautiful and special for you and your fiance will complete the happiness you both.

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