Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings: Gemstone of the Month

Executive Summary about Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings by Mitch Kushner

It’s the blue sapphire, one of the most regal of all gemstones. Here are 15 more facts about sapphires.

1. In addition to the birthstone for September, sapphires are also the gemstone for 45th wedding  anniversaries.

2. The blue sapphire is named after the Greek word sapphirus, which means blue.

3. Blue sapphire is a variety of the mineral called corundum, the same mineral that rubies come from.

4. Some famous sapphires include the Star of India, the Star of Asia, the Logan Sapphire and the Lone Star.

5. The ancient Greeks believed sapphires were a symbol of wisdom and purity.

6. Sapphires are also a symbol of truth, sincerity, faithfulness, romantic love and eternal devotion which makes them a popular choice for wedding rings.

7. The Persians also believed the blue sapphire to be a magical talisman capable of healing.

8. The late Diana, Princess of Wales, famously chose a blue sapphire and diamond ring for her engagement to Prince Charles. Princess Diana’s engagement ring enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity after Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s ring.

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Blue Sapphire Gold Ring – Best for Engagement

Executive Summary about Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings by Ram Kumar Parajuli

Recently, many people are choosing sapphire for their engagement ring. Sapphire rings are not only suitable for wedding, engagement and anniversary, but also can be used as casual jewelry. If you are preparing to purchase your loved one a blue sapphire engagement ring and make her your princess, here are some things you need to know to buy an ideal ring.


While talking about sapphire, you may think about the blue color at first. Color is the main feature of a good quality sapphire. Sapphire in vibrant royal blue is the perfect one. If you need the best quality sapphire then always look for the clearer one. Always consider to use high quality gold for your ring. 14k gold is harder, but 18k is perfect for your ring.

Never forget to check the quality of gold you are going to buy. Sapphire suits best in both white and yellow gold. After the selection of gold is done, the design of the blue sapphire gold ring is another thing you need to consider.

Some Beautiful Designs for Blue Sapphire Rings

Executive Summary about Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings by Vishnu Batwara

For a sparkling blue ring, few more precious stones may be crafted around the in intricate designs. Here again exquisite ring settings are available;

(a) Blue three stone rings (a sapphire at the center with two side stones on either side), some examples are; sapphire three stone ring with baguette cut diamonds, half-bezel round diamond setting, sapphire emerald-cut three stone diamond trapezoid setting.

(b) Blue sapphire settings with side stones (a sapphire at the center with a few stones on either side or along the whole width of the band or around the sapphire), besides Princess Diana’s ring some examples are; sapphire round cut ring with prong set diamonds, oval ring with pave set diamonds, sapphire common prong diamond ring.

Few choices for men are; round sapphire bezel set ring with pave set diamonds, round prong set ring, sapphire bar channel set ring. Make the engagement a more memorable occasion by moving away from diamonds and rubies and choosing a blue sapphire ring.

engagement ring with blue sapphire

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